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I have been getting stuck in my little video game worlds. Seems like I can’t escape.. But Ep. 13 from The Flower Boy Next Door!!!! OMG!! Yoon Si Yoon in the panda costume!!CUUUUUUUUTE! Love this drama <3. Can’t wait for the next ep. to release. =]  <3<3

Besides that, found out I had a test today, a hour before class T.T. Yeah I know… Thank god for the lady whom sits next to me in class for my 1st one of the day!!! And my 1st class being canceled due to illness or I wouldn’t of been able to study!~ T.,T I think i did a C-.. Hopefully…

My day has been nice, besides becoming sick!!!! T.T and my 30+ hours last week at work!! Gah! oh well. Pay check will be epic! Working on my hobbies more soon, and have been head deep in reading books, instead of continueing my DND DM stuff(which I should be doing), and hobbies.. UGH!! =[ 

ok.. ima stop ranting now..

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