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Oh my poor heart

How did my heart hit this??? Whats going on?! Is it ok?! This guy, Bin, has me all fuzzy in the head!!! Then Ama, my we are a couple if you come to the states, is coming to THE STATES and he will be A STATE OVER?!

My heart can’t take this.. This is too much… Heart calm down!! There are to many emotions in one place… I’m going to die of excitement!!!

Another Update on Me

Soo, Single life is very wonderful. Yes, I said it. I love single life! 


But i’ve been smitten.. I have been attacked by the love bug. I won’t even accept any other dates but this one guy.. This one guy.. Oh man, have my heart fluttered. I’ve meet him through friends.. and I’m over here all awkward when i first met him but we clicked.. We clicked so hard our mutual friends has tributes their self into helping me and him get together.


Now when i see him when i go anywhere, and he pops up then at that moment the person i came with becomes forgotten and i even forget what i went there for!!! Or when we plan on meeting.. Its like we stare at each other for a moment.. Then we continue as if there wasn’t that awkward moment when you see each other…This guy..


His name is Bin by the way, and his Chinese! This guy, his amazing.. And i can’t wait to see him again.. He waits to say he missed me until in person and im learning chinese due to this guy!! 


Oh my heart can’t take this anymore, but what can i do?

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